My dilemma! The £12 Planner.

This idea of designing a planner has become something I never ever could have imagined...this is me in January 2018 armed with a notepad and sharpies designing what would become The Circle Planner! I have spent every day thinking about them, designing them and I often dream about them too - not even kidding!

Every time I get new stock it sells out so quickly and the feedback has been absolutely mindblowing! 

But it has not been smooth sailing and many tears were shed when it was discovered that a batch that I received earlier this year was faulty. I had already sent loads out and people that had parted with hard earned cash started to get in touch to say their books were coming apart. I. Was. Devastated. 

After more investigation about 40% of the books in the delivery appeared to have the same problem. The planners are bound and also glued, and there wasn't enough glue on some of the spines. 

Everyone who got in touch was beyond lovely and I got replacements out to everyone pretty quickly. 

Most people found their books were fine but I decided to pull the entire stock from sale as I didn't want to risk selling them at full price knowing they could be faulty. 

My brand (tiny as it is) and the quality (gorgeous if I say so myself!) is my pride and joy and I don't want to do anything to damage this business I am trying to build.

However...I am left with a few boxes of these books and I haven't been able to throw them away as it feels like such a waste as well as two fingers up to our planet. 

Here are some images of the books sent by some customers who ended up with one:

I have been thinking about this for weeks and been talking to my friends about it, and I have decided even though they may be faulty they are still useful and still beautiful, so maybe they do need to find some homes!

I wanted to link to the sales page via this blog post so people know EXACTLY what they are buying and know the history of the books and the possible risk! It is impossible to tell which ones are faulty so it's a bit of a lucky dip! 

I won't be able to offer refunds or exchanges on these particular planners and they are sold as seen.

The 'perfect' ones just sold out and I have had so many enquiries about when they will be back in stock which makes me feel even worse about having these sitting here! (These undated ones won't be back for now as the dated 2020 Circle Planner is coming next - woooooo!).

The usual price for these (when perfect) is £28, but I have decided to sell them for £12 each to recoup some of the loss and also donate £2 per sale to an environmental charity. I am going to ask for some suggestions for the best ones over on Instagram, so please do shout if you have an idea where the money should go! It would be good for something positive to come out of this very steep learning curve! 

I have put aside 80 to donate to the local college and there are a few left for sale. They will be available until Wednesday 11th September and then any left over will be added to the donation pile and a big fat line will be drawn under the whole thing! 

So if you are still reading and want a bargain, click here to head to the sales page!  

Here is a video I did for Instagram with some more info.

Much Love,




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