The Undated 12 Month Circle Planner

**NOW SOLD OUT! Please head to the blog if you are keen to get one...we have some imperfect ones on sale**

There are so many features packed into our Planners to make your days more productive and your goals reachable: 
  • Habit Trackers to keep you motivated
  • Monthly Overviews to see your schedule at a glance
  • The Master List to brain dump, prioritise and execute your tasks
  • Empty Lists for shopping or to-do's
  • Monthly Finance Tracker
  • Second monthly overview for meal planning or maybe a business schedule
  • Blank Pages for projects and notes
  • 2 Ribbons to keep your place on your current day and monthly overview
  • Motivational Quotes to keep you inspired
  • Colouring In Pages to increase productivity, stimulate creativity and reduce stress
  • Sticker Set


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