What's Inside?

There are so many features packed into our Planners to make your days more productive and your goals reachable: 
  • Habit Trackers to keep you motivated
  • Monthly Overviews to see your schedule at a glance
  • The Master List to brain dump, prioritise and execute your tasks
  • Empty Lists for shopping or to-do's
  • Monthly Finance Tracker
  • Second monthly overview for meal planning or maybe a business schedule
  • Blank Pages for projects and notes
  • 2 Ribbons to keep your place on your current day and monthly overview
  • Motivational Quotes to keep you inspired
  • Colouring In Pages to increase productivity, stimulate creativity and reduce stress

At the start of the Planner you can list your goals broken down in 6 key areas: Career, Bucket List, Finances, Relationships, Personal Health and Travel. What do you want to achieve in your life? In the next 5 years? In the next 12 months?
You can then break down your goals into a monthly plan and set your intentions for the coming weeks:  
The Monthly view allows you to see your upcoming days at a glance with space to note important dates along with a monthly to-do list:
Each week is spread over 2 pages and there is space to set your top priorities and 30 minute time slots to plan your days in detail. There are daily reminders, a weekly to do list and a tracker to keep you focused on your healthy habits:
At the end of the month you review your progress. What did you learn? What could you do better? What were the highlights of the month? Take the time to celebrate your achievements before setting the goals for next month:
More Features: 
4 gorgeous colours: Yellow, Teal, Rose and Navy
B5 size (176 x 250 mm)
Luxury cloth hard cover
Thick sustainable paper
2 ribbons to keep your place
Elastic cover band